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Our experts are trained to inspect for mold & moisture in every possible place.

If you see signs of moisture or know of a water issue in your home there is likely mold growing. As a highly humid environment, Georgia homes are known to be top harbors for excess mold growth. Not only can mold have a great impact on your health, but it can also cause structural damage as well.

The National Center for Healthy Housing has determined that mold growth often appears as a green, gray, black, brown, or other discoloration on a surface. Eventually, mold growth results in the breakdown of the substrate. More than 1,000 types of molds have been found in U.S. homes.

Moisture is the key factor determining mold growth in the home, influencing both the types of mold present and the extent of mold colonization. A variety of materials found in the home, including insulation, wallpaper, glues used to affix carpet, backing paper on drywall, dust, and dirt, can serve as a food source for mold. Mold colonies can go dormant under adverse conditions and revive when favorable conditions return. (National Center for Healthy Housing)

We stay up to date on the latest research and processes for safely removing mold from the home. Our licensed and trained professionals investigate overlooked areas of your home with our enhanced technology that involves thermal imaging detection.

Once we have spotted the damaged areas we work with you on creating a safe and secure plan that you are comfortable with to remove and mitigate the issue and educate you on prevention. We understand your concerns when it comes to chemicals in the home, and we pride ourselves on transparency. Let us help you work to find a solution to your mold and moisture concerns.


A healthy home environment can be greatly affected by too little or too much moisture. If your house has too much moisture there are  numerous health impacts, health hazards, and even structural damage.

Besides asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses, excessive moisture also causes or contributes to other hazards to human health such as, dust mites, peeling lead paint, and cockroaches. If you are interested in having an investigation performed on the risks posed by moisture in your home, please do not hesitate to contact us.