General FAQs

What is Building Science?
How Does Ensign use Building Science?
Does Ensign Build Custom homes?

Mold FAQs

What is mold?
How long does it take for mold to start growing?
What problems does mold create?
Does Ensign Building Solutions do mold remediation?
Is mold remediation necessary?
What are common health effects from having mold in a home?
How does mold travel in the home?

Radon FAQs

What is Radon?
What are the health risks associated with exposure to Radon?
How do I know if my home has high levels of radon?
What is Radon Resistant New Construction (RRNC)?
How often should I have my home checked for Radon?
Do I still need to test after installing a radon mitigation system in my home?
How much exposure to radon does it take before developing lung cancer?
Does Rainfall increase radon levels in the home?

Indoor Air Quality FAQs

What is asbestos?
Is it possible to build a house with a building envelop that is too tight?
How can someone be exposed to asbestos?
How do I know if there is asbestos in my home?
How long does it take to feel symptoms after breathing in asbestos?