5 Advantages of Installing a Radon System During New Construction

If you are considering a new construction for your next home, you should consider having a radon mitigation system installed during new construction. Some builders will install the components of a radon mitigation system throughout the construction. In the building industry, this is referred to as a Radon Resistant New Construction (RRNC). Healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important part of the home and should be considered heavily throughout the design and build process. There are certain aspects of IAQ you should talk with your builder about to ensure they are being addressed. Unfortunately, Radon happens to be one of the most overlooked.

About Radon

Radon is a naturally occurring gas from the breakdown of Uranium in Earth’s soils. This noble gas is classified as a Class A Carcinogen by The World Health Organization (WHO), the National Academy of Sciences, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Over a lifetime of exposure to elevated levels of Radon, one can contract lung cancer. Despite all this, there are people who are still unaware Radon exists while others simply just don’t believe it is real.

Why do people not believe that radon exists? Well for one, we cannot see it, smell it, or taste it. Radon is undetectable to human senses, but so is Carbon Monoxide, which is real and also deadly. And despite the overwhelming amount of scientific data and evidence behind lung cancer deaths related to Radon, many people just deny radon to be the cause. Regardless of what you know or what you believe, radon is real.

Radon is all around us, even in the outside breathing air. Outdoors, radon is dispersed, so the exposure level is much lower. Although, in today’s world of building tight energy efficient homes, radon can become entrapped inside the building envelope, resulting in exposure to elevated levels. This becomes even more concerning when we consider how much time the average person spends indoors, particularly at home. 

5 Advantages of Installing a Radon System During New Construction

It enhances your home’s Indoor Air Quality

Installing a Radon Mitigation System during new construction of your home will provide healthier breathing air inside your home for you and your family. Radon gas is undetectable to the human senses. Therefore, a home equipped with a radon mitigation system will keep radon exposure at a minimum within the home giving you peace of mind.

It’s more aesthetically pleasing

Radon mitigation systems can always be installed after new construction is completed. Although, this will require the system to be installed from the inside and then lead to the outside of the home, which can be an eyesore for some. The solution is for builders to incorporate the installation of a radon mitigation system during new construction. The system can be installed underneath the home and run up through a chase, or closet, and then out of the home through the roofing system.

It’s a little more cost-effective

It is a little easier to install a radon mitigation system during new construction rather than after. When installing during new construction, the system may even require the use of less material. These factors collectively result in the system being slightly less expensive. 

New Construction Radon Mitigation System Installation - Phase 1
New Construction Radon Mitigation System Installation - Phase 1

Helps reduce moisture buildup in your home

While reducing radon levels, an added benefit of a radon mitigation system is it can help reduce moisture levels in the home. The system can draw any excess water vapor from underneath the concrete slab and direct it up and out of the home. This will help keep the Relative Humidity of the home down, which is good for preventing moisture problems such as water damage and mold growth.

It is already installed in case you decide to sell your home

One of the events that can slow down the process of selling a home is when a home inspection reveals elevated levels of radon. To some, buying a home with elevated levels of radon can be frightening, even though all it takes is to simply mitigate the problem with a radon system. Having a home that is pre-equipped with a radon system can prevent this situation altogether. You will be able to sell your home with confidence knowing that a radon problem will not get in the way.


If you are considering a new construction, adding a Radon Mitigation System to your project is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Don’t assume that every new home automatically receives one. Be sure to have the conversation with your builder to be certain your home will be equipped with the system. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with a radon system or a new construction project, feel free to reach out to the Ensign Team. 

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